Now I know a little bit of what Brad Pitt went through in the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, although I was aging forward instead of backward.  In this commercial, makeup artist Dominie Tillie (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) had me in the chair a couple times a day to either make me as young as 32 (in 1995) to 50 (2012).  Aging to 50 took about an hour and a half, as Dominie had custom made prosthetics that she placed on my cheeks and around my eyes.  She then used stipple for more wrinkles, grayed my hair, and even speckled my face and hands with sunspots.

My sons Ethan (10) and Eli (5) were considered for the spot, but were passed on because they were too old, and also apparently Ethan "doesn't look that much like [me]"...

Of course, I don't have a 15 or a 22 year old son, yet, but I formed a great relationship with my older "son" in the spot, Andrew Jackson.  The girls may recognize him from a little video that's been seen on YouTube alone by over 15 million hits... Lady Antebellum's Just A Kiss.

In the end, I think this commercial turned out really well and it has been airing a ton all over the place, which is always nice!  Also, it is always great to work with a director again and this was the third time matching up with Australian Raymond Bark who is absolutely fantastic.

DIRECTOR: Raymond Bark (Johnson & Johnson, Dairy)

LOCATION: Sonoma, CA; Westlake, CA; Pasadena, CA


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