Mark Harmon is altogether a class act that makes everyone around him better. I had the joy of working with him on NCIS...what a pleasure. A genuine, intelligent, veteran actor who takes his craft seriously, and his family even more seriously. His infectious personality and love for people affects the entire cast and crew of NCIS, making it one of the best working experiences that I have had to date. This man deserves much more credit than he gets and I feel blessed to have gotten to work with him.  James Whitmore, Jr. did a great job directing by letting the scene and the actions flow.  Assuming I knew how to wrap a twisted ankle, he said “Show me how this would look.”  My years of getting my ankle taped in volleyball came in handy here, so I told him that I would need a bench and a medical supply kit.  After a few takes, Harmon comes over and asks me what sport I played in college.  “How did you know that?”, I ask.  "You don’t learn how to tape like that by chance."

Episode: “Family Secret”

DIRECTOR: James Whitmore, Jr.

LOCATION: Santa Clarita, CA

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