The Big Guy makes another spot... nice.  This is my new favorite because I love the close-up of Ethan and the part where I rub him on the head.   We actually worked pretty hard on this one.  I had to bail most of the hay out of that truck for every shot.  Then they would reset and we'd start all over again.  We probably did that about 10 times.  I also learned how to use those hay hooks on the job.  About every other truckload one of the hooks would get stuck in the hay and fly off onto the ground... watch out!

The end shot was supposed to have me closer to the front wheel, but my height made the truck look too small so they slid me back a bit.  Coulda used Ethan in that last shot... the truck would have looked huge.

DIRECTOR: Ian Mackenzie

LOCATION: Lancaster, CA

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chevy silverado